Why Iceland?
Titus Swart loves horizons. The first was the Afsluitdijk, a couple of years ago, with the IJsselmeer, North Sea, coasts and sky as protagonists. But the Netherlands soon begins to cramp Titus. He wants more wide expanses and less human intervention. Iceland is the candidate and Titus takes up the challenge.
He prepares his journey minutely. On the map he places the island in a frame, locates the centre and draws four lines: N, S, E and W. The next step is to determine precisely where and when the camera should click – punctually by the day and the hour (four times a day for each location). Once it is in place, the camera is given free rein. Like Titus, the camera explores permanent features, a sort of DNA, and variables that often provide welcome surprises. Flowing transitions, unforeseen twists, rhythmical movement, jerky staccato, nature at play. Incidentally, photography is not all that Titus does. He films too. And he collects materials he comes across. From sandstone and seeds to grasses and bark. Titus gradually comes to realise that Iceland is less innocent than he imagined (and hoped). But the photos do not show that. They are as optimistic as the artist himself.

Paul Mertz